About Us

Barbour Pourron is a plumbing contractor that specializes in new residential and commercial plumbing. In addition, we are a full service plumbing company. Barbour Pourron Plumbing is proudly built on customer service. We believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and  you have to have the right people on your journey. Therefore Barbour Pourron proudly boasts the best management team in the industry.

BP Plumbing Family Picture


Barbour Pourron Plumbing was founded by Mark Barbour and Wayne Pourron in 1986. In 1996,  Randy Godwin joined the partnership. Their children followed in their parents’ footsteps and later took ownership in 2013. The current owners of Barbour Pourron Plumbing are President, Jeromy Godwin, Vice President, Jonathan Pourron, Secretary, Justin Pourron, and Treasurer, Kacey Thompson.

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